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Lotus V Series Villa Type Combi Boiler – V500

Utet Lotus V500 is a high-performance electric combi boiler model specially designed for villas with large and comfortable living spaces. With its modern technology and stylish design, Utet Lotus V500 is the ideal solution to meet your hot water and heating needs.


  1. High Capacity: Utet Lotus V500 offers high heating capacity suitable for large living spaces. This provides powerful performance to comfortably heat every room of your villa.

  2. Smart Control Panel: Thanks to its structure that can be easily integrated into smart home systems, users can have full and comfortable control over temperature settings and optimize energy saving.

  3. Compact and Aesthetic Design: Utet Lotus V500 has a compact and aesthetic appearance designed to adapt to villa life.

  4. Environmentally Friendly: This electric-powered combi boiler does not cause carbon emissions by using an environmentally friendly energy source.

Utet Lotus V500 is designed to suit large living spaces and modern comfort expectations. With its high performance, smart control features and environmentally friendly operation, Utet Lotus V500 offers villa owners a reliable and efficient heating experience.

Technical details

Operating Voltage: 380 VAC 50/60 Hz

Instant Consumption:  8-10 KW/Hour

Usage area: For places up to 300 m² and in need of hot water. It feeds radiator up to 20 meters. 160 liters It has a boiler capacity of 8-10 liters per minute, 40-50 ºC hot water. Electricity consumption varies depending on insulation status and usage habits. It works most efficiently with aluminum radiators.

  • There is no need for chimneys and projects

  • Wired Type Internal Room Thermostat

  • Wireless Type Internal Room Thermostat *Optional

  • Child Lock

  • Plumbing Pressure, Water Temperature and Working Hour Digital Monitoring

  • Summer/Winter Mode

  • Digital Control Panel

  • Automatically Activating and Exiting in Power Outages

  • Integration with Solar Collectors and Solar Panels

  • CE Certified

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • Suitable for Indoor Installation Except Bathroom

  • Suitable for Use in Insulated Spaces

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