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Perlotus Heating: Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Energy Solutions

Perlotus Heating is a company operating under the umbrella of UTET Energy R&D. The company, known in the industry with its Lotus and Greenfinitic brands, is known for its deep-rooted history and passion for research and development. The products of the R&D studies carried out for more than 20 years have been serving under the Next Level brand in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Austria for more than 10 years. (

Perlotus Heating R&D focuses especially on meeting heating needs in line with the knowledge and experience it has gained. It aims at user satisfaction with its environmentally friendly products that are ventless, do not carry potential risks such as carbon monoxide, LPG and natural gas, do not contribute to air pollution and reduce dependence on oil.

Perlotus Heating ARGE, as a team that offers sustainable and innovative solutions, continues its work towards the energy needs of the future. It aims to add value to society and the planet with environmentally friendly and effective energy solutions such as hydrogen-based electric combi boiler technology.

One of the company's core values is innovation. Innovation is an indispensable principle for Perlotus Heating R&D and the company aims to develop groundbreaking solutions in the energy sector.

Our Project Development Story

Istanbul University Faculty of Engineering Department of Environmental Engineering (December 14, 1990), Ministry of Industry and Trade, Directorate of Industrial Research and Development (February 17, 1992), Turkish Standards Institute (February 19, 1991), TUBITAK (March 27, 1992), Kocaeli University Faculty of Engineering (February 02). 2000), Bulgarian Balkan University (18 May 2007), Jan. Gene. Comm. We had it tested and received approval and appreciation at Ordu Donatma Main Repair Factory Güvercinlik - Ankara (17 November 2003).

Based on our knowledge, our scientific article on hydrogen energy was published in the United States International Association for Hydrogen Energy magazine (8th issue of 2000, pages 895-897). On December 7, 1999, the device we installed on the Mercedes brand vehicle of a citizen residing in Germany was subjected to inspection and testing for 15 days by Daimler Chrysler, the parent company of the Mercedes manufacturer, and a congratulatory letter was sent to our company for the work we did.

General Motor Company (GM) sent 3 engineers to Turkey in 2005 to examine the product produced by our company and they were given preliminary information by us. On February 23, 2005, GM Company made an offer to send this information to them officially, but GM Motor Company was not given detailed information about our work.

In the light of the knowledge and experience gained, we focused on working to meet heating needs and started the production and testing of new generation electric combi boilers and steam generators that are chimney-free, do not carry risks such as carbon monoxide, LPG and natural gas, do not pollute the air and reduce dependence on oil, and will satisfy every user. As a result of the successful results obtained, our products started to be offered to the market. As a Turkish energy company, our goals are far ahead of what we do and we are proud to do this in Turkey.

It Will Definitely Happen in Our Lives One Day

"Plasma hydrogen technology, supported by renewable energy, minimizes the risks of poisoning and fire by eliminating the high bills resulting from today's energy dependency. This technology, which offers a bill-free and free life, offers an environmentally friendly energy solution by adding value to our living comfort. We are no longer under energy bills." Enjoy a safe and sustainable life without being oppressed." 

Who are we?

Our Vision 
Welcome! We are a team that offers sustainable and innovative solutions to meet the energy needs of the future. We are breaking new ground in the energy sector with hydrogen-based electric combi boiler technology. 
Our Mission 
Our mission is to add value to society and our planet by providing environmentally friendly and effective energy solutions. With hydrogen-based electric combi boiler systems, we aim to minimize our impact on the environment to meet energy needs. 
Hydrogen's potential for clean energy storage and transmission opens an exciting path to a sustainable energy future. We contribute to an environmentally friendly energy transformation by aiming to reduce the carbon footprint with our products. 
Innovation is an indispensable value for us. We constantly research new technologies and energy efficiency solutions and equip our products with the latest technology. We are constantly evolving to offer our customers a more efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly energy experience. 
Social Responsibility 
As a part of our society, we are aware of our social and environmental responsibilities. We aim to be a pioneer in fulfilling our social responsibilities with our activities in the energy sector. 
We are here to shape the future. With hydrogen-based electric combi boiler systems, we are taking a step towards a sustainable energy future. Join us because we want to lead the energy transition and build a cleaner future. 

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